Vstupný test - vyššie pokročilí (CEF Upper-Intermediate B2)

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1. Complete the sentences with the prepositions in the box. Use some words more than once.
with     at     in     to     on     by     down      up
a) I haven’t made friends __________ many people at work yet. *
b) We try to save energy by not leaving electrical appliances __________ standby. *
c) The letter didn’t arrive because it was delivered to the wrong house __________ mistake. *
d) Do you believe __________ magic? *
e) You’ll get better __________ playing the piano if you practise every day. *
f) Unfortunately, speaking a foreign language doesn’t come naturally __________ me. *
g) If you got up earlier, you might arrive __________ time for a change. *
h) You shouldn’t forget to shut __________ your computer at night. *
i) Did you know that Ben’s split up __________ Jo? *
j) When I get home from work, I like to relax and put my feet __________ . *
k) He succeeded __________ passing the exam after a lot of hard work. *
2. Complete the sentences. Use the correct form of the word in capitals. *
a) She’s been __________ for six months. She can’t find a job. EMPLOY *
b) The job market for university graduates is much more __________ these days. COMPETE *
c) My son wants to specialise in __________ engineering.GENE *
d) I heard a __________ talk about the meaning of dreams. FASCINATE *
e) They were sent home from school for __________ the teacher. OBEY *
f) I didn’t get an interview because I didn’t have the right __________ . QUALIFY *
3. Underline the correct answer: a), b), c) or d).
a) We don’t __________ eat out on Tuesdays. *





b) I couldn’t leave at six because I __________ finished the report. *





c) We talked for hours about __________ we used to live. *





d) She __________ to get promoted before me. *


might not


isn’t likely

e) Your order __________ sent by first class post and will arrive tomorrow. *

is being

has being



f) He asked me what time __________ arrive. *



would we

we have

g) If I’d seen you, I __________ hello. *

’d say

’ll say

would’ve said

had said

h) We __________ them since we were children. *



’ve been knowing

’ve known

i) While we __________ to check in, they announced that our plane was delayed. *


are waiting

were waiting

had waited

j) He’s been working there since __________. *

five months


two years

a long time.

k) __________ we arrived, the concert had started. *



As soon as

By the time

4. Cross out the option or response that is not possible.
a) So should I dress smartly tonight? *

I see.

Of course.

That’s right.

b) I’m afraid the party’s been cancelled. *


Well done.

That’s a shame.

c) A: Do you recommend taking a sweater?
    B: Yes, _________ quite cold in the evenings. *

it’s generally

on the whole, it’s

it tends to

d) A: That was a fantastic meal, wasn’t it?
    B: Yes, but I _________ the food was overpriced. *

for one thing

do think

must say

e) Did you know that if you listen to Bach, it helps you to learn better? *

Oh, really?

I have no idea.

Does it? That’s interesting.

f) What should we get Harry and Sara for their wedding anniversary? *

Don’t forget to buy them a plant.

I don’t know.

If I were you, I’d just send them a card.

5. Choose one of the topics below and write an essay / a story. Use the paragraph notes to help you. Write 130–150 words.
* Topic A If you could choose to be a famous person from history, who would you choose?
Para 1: say who the person is and what they are famous for
Para 2: give two or three reasons why you would like to be them
Para 3: say what things you would do differently from them, and why
* Topic B Write a story beginning with these words: "It was the most important day of my life".
Para 1: say why the day was important
Para 2: describe what happened on this day
Para 3: say what the conclusion was – positive or negative

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