Vstupný test - falošní začiatočníci (CEFR Elementary A1-A2)

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1. Add the missing letters.
a) How much do those bags c_ _t?
b) My goal for this year? I want to lose w_ _ _ _t.
c) Do you have plans for next year? No, not really. I need to get o_ _ _ _ _ _ _d.
d) You can write ‘t_ _ _d’ like this – ‘3rd'.
e) My birthday’s in A_ _ _l.
f) He usually goes to work by u_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _d.
g) I don’t like ch_ _ _ _ _g o_ _ _ _e. I like talking to people on the phone or face-to-face.
h) Is that book i_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ng? Yes, it’s very good.
i) Is the window on the left of the door? No, it’s on the r_ _ _t.
j) I’d like to call her, but my mobile’s at home. It’s OK, there’s a p_ _ _ _ _ _e over there.
k) How many p_ _ _ _ _ _ers were in the car?
2. Choose the correct alternative, a) or b).
a) Where _________ you yesterday?



b) Let’s meet _________ the station.



c) What did you _________ him?



d) She writes about her travels _________ the internet.



e) I love _________ old buildings on holiday!



f) Let’s _________ some coffee.



g) ‘B’ is _________ ‘A’ and ‘C’ in the alphabet.



h) Let’s talk about it _________ the car.



i) See you _________ !

two weeks


j) Where do you _________ your clothes?



k) She wants to help _________ .



3. Complete the blog with the correct past simple form of the verbs in brackets.
From waiter to teacher Three years ago I (3.1)(be) _________ a waiter in a restaurant. I (3.2)(not be) _________ very happy so I (3.3)(decide) _________ to change jobs. I (3.4)(look) _________ at job adverts every day for three months, but I (3.5)(not see) _________ any interesting ones. Then one day I (3.6)(see) _________ an advert for teaching assistants in India. I wrote a letter with my details, and two days later someone phoned me. They (3.7)(ask) _________ me to go for an interview, and they (3.8)(give) _________ me a job. It was a voluntary job at first so they (3.9)(not pay) _________ me – I just (3.10)(have) _________ food and a place to live. Then, I (3.11)(do) _________ some training and I became a ‘real’ teacher. That’s my job now and I love it!
3.1 3.2 3.3 3.4
3.5 3.6 3.7 3.8
3.9 3.10 3.11
4. Choose the correct words to complete the story.
don’t     wasn’t     on     arrived     didn’t    a      any

Planes, trains and me
I really love going to different countries but I (5.1) _________ like travelling by plane. In fact, I hate it! Last year I went (5.2) _________ holiday with my friend, Luca. Luca wanted to fly, but I (5.3) _________ want to go by plane so I travelled by train. Big mistake! The journey took nine hours. I didn’t have (5.4) _________ food with me and there wasn’t (5.5) _________ café on the train. When I (5.6) _________ at the hotel, I was very tired and hungry. It (5.7) _________ a good start to the holiday!
5.1 5.2 5.3 5.4
5.5 5.6 5.7
5. Match sentences 1–6 with responses a)–f).
1. Which colour would you like?
2. What would you like?
3. How was the fish?
4. Hey, this music’s really great.
5. How was the film?
6. Nice to talk to you.
6. You are on holiday in a city. Write an email to a friend. Write about two or three of the things from the box. Write 50–80 words.
the food    a problem    what you did yesterday    a plan for tomorrow    the transport

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